Coffee Addiction!

I love coffee, well - i drink "kids-coffee" actually, the instant kind from Israel, 
But the smell of coffee is enough to make me want more!
For all you addicted to coffee like me, here's our new bar soap and loaves made of vegetable glycerin and coffee scrub inside!

While making it, Erez and I took quite a few coffee breaks :)

coffee vanilla soap by

We made our first batch a few days ego and here are the new photos- fresh out of the SD card :0)

coffee vanilla loaf by

The bars are available on Etsy, for loaves you'll need to contact us by mail or through Etsy. 

The benefits of coffee in soap:
It is said that Coffee extract has revitalizing effect, and it is known to help eliminate unpleasant odors from our skin. That means its a great soap for the kitchen- after cooking with garlic and fish, wash your hands with coffee soap! 

Now, I'm going to make me a cup of hot coffee! 

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