Sugar whip Giveaway!

Hi friends! 
We had a great time at the Renegade craft show, and the days since the show went by so fast.. 

We have a few new products we will introduce in the next few months. We are now experimenting with new materials in the lab, new soaps, new ideas and a lot of new inspiration! 

When we try new things we get a lot of samples left overs, and who better to benefit from that then you guys?! 

Today i whipped a lot of sugar and salt scrubs, and i want to give it away to you!

Since we only have 10 jars, we are going to make a drawing for the winners! 

Here are the details:

What is the prize?
Beautiful, soft, airy, fluffy and moisturizing foaming whip! Some with sugar scrub, some with salt, and in different fragrances. 

We have:
Oatmeal milk and honey brown sugar whip scrub, Smooth guava berry and goji berry whipped creamy soap, Sandelwood vanilla whipped sugar scrub, and Chai tea whipped salt scrub, let me just say: YUM!

They are all limited editions!!! We still don't know if this product would make it to our line, but we are hoping that you could help us decide ..

Besides that, we would send some soaps to the winners as well.. 

How can you win?
Simple. We want your help with exposure, we want more Latika friends! 
To enter the draw, simply share Latika online (see details below), and subscribe to our newsletter

Each share grants you a ticket!
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Help us spread the word about our lovely soaps, and you may win one of our delectable whipped scrubs and soaps.. 

Thank you,
We appreciate each and every one of you!



  1. I subscribed to your newsletter. I love whipped bath products and I am very excited to see this new line! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Shared on Facebook as well!

  3. Participated!

  4. participated!

  5. Can't wait to try out your new whips soap! It looks like it will be a great product and a beautiful New Year's resolution to luxuriate in my new bath products from Latika.
    I LOVE all of the photos of your products too!


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