Paris is always a good idea!

We are so excited to finally launch this soap set! We have been making French Macaron soaps since Latika started in Israel, around 3 years ago. Our Macaron soaps were always popular, and we love them! 

A few months ago, we decided to try and make a new macaron mold, we wanted a more realistic, 3d look for the cookie soap. So we started testing different macarons in Austin (work is so hard sometimes ;).

Research was so hard!
We found a lovely french bakery, right next to our factory, called Cinnamon's bakery, and there we met a sweet man, with smiling eyes and a lot of love for his little bakery shop. 

Chef Loïc Duchesne was busy making some of his famous little rose macarons, and i was mesmerized by the work and flavors! 

Real macarons are so adorable! They are a little crunchy, a little soft, and taste so good! the only thing is, the whole experience of eating a macaron goes by so fast! Man, they are small! 

For our soap, we wanted a larger cookie, that will look real, but at the same time, will be fun to hold and use as soap, and large enough to present and enjoy as decorative soap. 

So we asked the chef if he could make an extra large cookie for us, and he did! 

It took us a while to actually be able to make a mold out of a real cookie, since the material doesn't always respond well with real food . We had to develop our own unique technique and finally, after many tweaking and experiments, came up with a beautiful macaron soap!

You can buy a single soap on our shop, or get this super cute set of 3, with a label that says: "Paris is always a good idea". 

I believe that if all else fails, Paris is always a good idea! 
And in case you cant go to Paris right now- get these cute soaps, and feel like you're in the most romantic city in the world!

* Chef Loïc Duchesne past away surprisingly last month, leaving behind a loving family and many friends and customers. We still go to Cinnamon's bakery in Austin, to enjoy his wonderful recipes and legacy and support a wonderful local business. 
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