You've been Naughty!

Here's a gift for naughty boys and girls- bag of coal!

We first started selling coal soap for Christmas a few years ago, and it was a huge hit! 

So we changed and upgraded the packaging from time to time, and now we are very happy to present our lump of coal soap set

Erez took a beautiful picture of it, and created a "fireplace" scene to match the fragrance (you guest it- firewood). 
The first set of coal soaps we made was packaged with a Kraft paper bag, tied with bakers twine. We added a custom message to the recipient. 

Lump of coal soap V1.1 By Latika soap 2010-2011
Last year, I finally had a chance to go ahead and package the soaps with stamped muslin bags, iv'e been wanting to package them this way for a while. 

So the coal soap got a cute stamped message and was individually packaged and placed in muslin bags. 

"Dear Santa i can explain" bag of coal soap by Latika 2012-2013
The post stamp says December 25, and we used a red ink for this. I loved this bag! 
But- it was time to upgrade it, as orders from shops started coming in, we wanted to give this set a more customized look and a few months ago we designed and ordered our very own stamp. 

This is what the coal soap set looks like today, and it has a label with the ingredients tied to it. 

Bag of coal for Christmas, coal soap set by Latika 2013-2014!
We are very happy with the result, and excited to see how it will find its way to all those stockings that belong to you naughty kids! 

We learned from our customers that they buy this for "white elephant" office parties, and also recommended this soap set for "secret Santa" and just for any of their friends. We are happy to spread the joy!


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