New Baby Gifts

We have been offering the button soaps since we started Latika, it has always been one of our best selling designs! 

Now we just made it easier to give these sweet favors  at your baby shower- with a party favor package
"Ready to give" package of button soaps, wrapped and tied with a matching ribbon! 

Too cute if you ask me :) 
All you need to do is take them out of the box, and put them in a basket or bowl on the table. Done! 
Your guests will love this!

Available in any of our five signature colors & scent: Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple
Another new item is the New Baby Gifts - For your best friend who just had a baby, any Mom to be would like these gift sets.

The Blue set includes: 
1- Oatmeal, milk & Honey bar soap
1- Baby blue Train engine soap - Scented with a beautiful Ocean breeze fragrance
2- Blue baby booties, just look at them- aren't they adorable?!
The Pink set includes:
1- Peony & Rose soap
1- Neapolitan Ice pop soap - scented with chocolate, vanilla & strawberry, just like the Italian ice cream. Yum.
2- Pink strawberry baby booties

All these lovely soaps are placed in a kraft box with a clear lid, and tied with a matching ribbon. A perfect gift for a baby shower! 

We can  make these packages in any color you can think of, so - if you don't know if its a boy or a girl yet- shoot us an email and we will make you a yellow, green or mixed color package! 

The packages are only $19.99 each, Great baby gift under $20! 

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