DIY painted pots

There are a lot of online tutorials for these,I think it's such an easy upgrade to your garden! 
I made some as a gift to my cousin a year ago, and came across the pics today. 

Here is what I did:

 Got some gray pots from Ikea, and one huge terra cotta pot from Low's.
 Got some small acrylic colors and some paint samples- Neon, Pastel and some gold/silver. 
♥ A can of gold spray paint, brush kit (very basic one from Hobby lobby) and masking tape.
♥ Small letter stencils from Low's.
♥ Also from Low's - plants, to complete the gift. 
♥ Cleared out my afternoon and had me some painting fun! 

When I was done painting and planting, I placed  the whole bundle of plants on my cousin's Poarch, she was really happy to see all the fresh happy colors.. 

So- I know my pics aren't exactly a tutorial, but I did collect the best Diy Planters and pots tutorials I could find! Here are a few, and you can also check out my Pinterest board for more great links! 

Link to the sources: From top left, clockwise- 

Add pics of your own creations to this board! Email me to be added as a pinner
♥ Mazzi
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