Design seeds is a beautiful blog, it's all about the colors in the world around us...
I recommend reading the story about how this blog came to be. 
Browse around and enjoy the colors and pictures.

I had to try one- and made a color pallet from one of my favorite pics of Latika soaps. 

The stylist who created this picture is Lital Mordechy, from the sweet  blog the little wheel.
My husband- Erez, took the picture. And i was there seeing magic happen before my eyes :)

This is the same picture here at the top of the blog.
These buttons are one of my favorite soaps since it is the very first mold i ever made (green buttons in the pic), the new buttons were made by Erez (the mold), and i absolutely love them!
the buttons are available for sale on my Etsy shop and on copious

some links for beautiful places:
Jesica from the design seeds blog on Pinterest- you probably bumped in to one of her works before- she is all over Pinterest..