Sugar whip Giveaway!

Hi friends! 
We had a great time at the Renegade craft show, and the days since the show went by so fast.. 

We have a few new products we will introduce in the next few months. We are now experimenting with new materials in the lab, new soaps, new ideas and a lot of new inspiration! 

When we try new things we get a lot of samples left overs, and who better to benefit from that then you guys?! 

Today i whipped a lot of sugar and salt scrubs, and i want to give it away to you!

Since we only have 10 jars, we are going to make a drawing for the winners! 

Here are the details:

What is the prize?
Beautiful, soft, airy, fluffy and moisturizing foaming whip! Some with sugar scrub, some with salt, and in different fragrances. 

We have:
Oatmeal milk and honey brown sugar whip scrub, Smooth guava berry and goji berry whipped creamy soap, Sandelwood vanilla whipped sugar scrub, and Chai tea whipped salt scrub, let me just say: YUM!

They are all limited editions!!! We still don't know if this product would make it to our line, but we are hoping that you could help us decide ..

Besides that, we would send some soaps to the winners as well.. 

How can you win?
Simple. We want your help with exposure, we want more Latika friends! 
To enter the draw, simply share Latika online (see details below), and subscribe to our newsletter

Each share grants you a ticket!
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Help us spread the word about our lovely soaps, and you may win one of our delectable whipped scrubs and soaps.. 

Thank you,
We appreciate each and every one of you!


Stocking stuffer ideas!

Hi everyone! The best holiday in the year is quickly approaching.. T'is the time to get ready for all the wonderful gifts and surprises! 
During our last craft show, a nice lady took one look at our booth and said (with a smile) 
"This has stocking stuffers written all over it!" 
I think she is right! Our soaps make perfect little gifts, and we have a huge variety that allows you to find something fun and funny for everyone on your list. There, i said it- i love our soaps :)

I want to talk about a few items that i think make perfect stocking stuffers, here we go:

1. Lump of coal soap set

I love this set! It's naughty and cute.. This is our big bestseller for the holiday.. 
why do i love it  so much? 'Cause it makes people smile! 
The set includes three lumps of coal, made of soap, they smell like wood-fire, a smokey wood fragrance, that is actually a great scent. 
It is packaged in a cute muslin bag, that says : "Dear Santa  i can explain" and has a red postal stamp with the date: Dec  25. 
This is a perfect gift for:
★ Friends at work
★ Secret Santa
★ Boyfriend
★ Best friend
★ Teenage boys
★ Dad \ Brother \ Uncle
★ well any guy would like it.. 

The price: $7.9 for a set, and.. We have a little Etsy SALE event you probably don't want to miss..


2. Snow man and Snow flake soaps! 

They smell like heaven. seriously, fresh snow scent, white goat milk soap.. a cute muslin bag.. perfect stocking stuffer! for who? Anyone! see a stocking waiting? Throw one in! 
The muslin bag is stamped with snow flakes and "Let it snow".. 

The price: $4.9 for a set, and.. We have a little Etsy SALE event you probably don't want to miss..


3. Holiday button soaps! 
 you can either get a package of ten or of five buttons, in festive holiday colors! Green (Cucumber melon scent) , Red (Strawberry scent) and White (Fresh snow scent). 
add a few buttons to each of your family and friends gifts.. 

The price for 10 buttons: $12.9, and.. We have a little Etsy SALE event you probably don't want to miss..


4. Gingerbread cookie soap
Too cute! four gingerbread cookies, two dark brown with chocolate scent, two caramel fragrance soaps. One of the cookies would have a bite in it.. we just cant help ourselves.. 
The packaging is so sweet, "warm winter wishes" and gingerbread stamped on the muslin bag.. smells like the holidays!

The price: $7.9 for a set, and.. We have a little Etsy SALE event you probably don't want to miss..


5. Christmas tree soap set

Two soaps shaped like a tree with drizzles of white soap on it. The fragrance is cucumber melon. Fresh and beautiful! The bag is stamped with Christmas trees and "seasons greeting".

The price: $6.9 for a set, and.. We have a little Etsy SALE event you probably don't want to miss..



We invite everyone to visit our website and browse around, the shop is very visual and organized by categories. 

 Our online shop:    |    Our Latika Etsy shop:  

Use coupon code: BLACKFRIDAYLATIKA to receive 15% off your order on our Etsy shop.
Plus- Each sale over $50 will receive a free Cupcake soap as a gift!  
Can't wait for the weekend? Great! The event is already rolling..  Happy shopping! 


The Stock Yards

The Stock Yards - Historic area in the beautiful Forth worth.. We had a chance to walk around this lovely area after the first day of Funky finds craft show

The story of the stockyards, from the official website:

For the drovers heading longhorn cattle up the Chisholm Trail to the rail heads, Fort Worth was the last major stop for rest and supplies. Beyond Fort Worth they would have to deal with crossing the Red River into Indian Territory. 
Photo taken by Erez Peled
Between 1866 and 1890 more than four million head of cattle were trailed through Fort Worth which was soon known as “Cowtown” and had its own disreputable entertainment district several blocks south of the Courthouse area that was known all over the West as “Hell’s Half Acre”.
Photo taken by Erez Peled
When the railroad finally arrived in 1876, Fort Worth became a major shipping point for livestock. This prompted plans in 1887 for the construction of the Union Stockyards about two and one half miles north of the Tarrant County Courthouse. It went into full operation about 1889Read more
Photo taken by Erez Peled
So, this is a great place to go and get a feel of "where the west begins".. you can watch a rodeo show, shop for anything cowboy or cowgirl, catch a live music show while having dinner, and get a feel of forth worth. 
Photo taken by Erez Peled
We set on the top floor of a restaurant and looked at the street, horses crossing and cowboy hats everywhere.. we could imagine what this street looked like when the stock yards were there just for business.. 
Today its mainly for fun, but well worth it! 

Funky finds show

Hi everyone!
Here are some pictures of our booth at the lovely Funky finds show, from Nov 10-11 at Forth worth, Texas. 
We met a lot of nice friendly artists and shoppers, it was a lot of fun! 
On the first day, we took a little eavening off and visited forth worth's stock yard- which was beautiful! I will post pictures of that soon..

Funky finds show album on Latika's FB page and on Funky finds FB page

Our Lavender frosting cupcake soaps
Snow soaps, with a perfect fresh  snow fragrance!

Acorn soaps in a lovely bowl.. great for holiday home decor!

Apothecary jars with soaps

Pink frosting for our strawberry cupcake soaps

Pumpkin soap display on our booth

Pumpkin soaps in apothecary jar

Pumpkin pie soap

Arabian spice soap

Surprising scent of the month! Citrus & cilantro: fresh, clean and happy!

Our bestseller- Oatmeal, milk and honey soap. just perfect!
Cupcake business cards

Lumps of coal soaps- the perfect secret Santa gift!

Chocolate soap

Pumpkin soap

Fall display

sandwich cookie soaps

Another happy family takes home a sweet puppy! and soap :)
Thank you everyone who came to visit our soap booth at funky finds! 
Here are some of our new friends and their beautiful booths:
 Barefoot In The Glass
Rhu's Jewelry Designs
This & That
A Wing & A Prayer Art
The Silver Craftsman
And so many more amazing artists.. see photos of the show in this link

Holiday show season!

Hi everyone! We are preparing for some awesome holiday shows in Texas, starting this weekend!

We are planing a beautiful booth for you to visit, here are some of the preparation process photos:
The final result is a surprise, i guess you'll have to come and see us :) 

The first show is this weekend!

What: Funky finds- Forth worth, Tx

Saturday, November 10, 10am-5pm 
Sunday, November 11, 11am-4pm

WhereAmon Carter Exhibit Hall at Will Rogers Memorial Center,
3400 Burnett-Tandy Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76107

Good to know:

Admission: FREE!!!

Family AND Pet-Friendly - Bring the whole gang!

On-site pet adoptions throughout the weekend! Also, Don't Forget To Feed Me will be accepting pet food donations at the event. They will be set up near the raffle & the Humane Society of North Texas.

Wish list:
This is a link to the vendor list, and here are some of my wish list items:

Light Pink Hippo - Framed Original Typography Collage - nursery / kids room artwork
Hippo art work
Navy blue chevron bow tie for baby infant toddlers boys Adjustable
Cute bow tie for my nephew
Snow globe holiday card.
Snow globe holiday card
More Funky finds info: Website Facebook Twitter 


The following week is back to Austin for Renegade

WhatAustin Holiday Renegade market!

Saturday, November 24, 11am-6pm
Sunday, November 25, 11am-6pm

WherePalmer Events Center- 900 Barton Springs Road, Austin, Tx 78704

Good to know:
Admission: FREE!!!

You can make all of your handmade holiday purchases even fancier at the DIY Gift Wrap Station

DJs from Waterloo Records will be spinning jams all weekend, and there's a Free-to-use photobooth. 

Wish list:
This is a link to the list of artists, and here are some of my wish list items:
Round serving platter or tray Mediterranean pattern
These lovely serving platters
In order to be irreplaceable (Small Navy)
Coco chanel quote
My Beautiful Balloon- hand embroidered necklace
I'm in love with these necklaces
Different Directions Tea Towel
Tea towl foe me. I lov the pattern!

More Renegade info: Website | Facebook | Twitter 


And then we'll get ready for the big one.. 
Armadillo Christmas bazaar! 13 days of shopping!

WhatAustin's signature scene for holiday shopping, live music and fun! 

When: Runs thirteen days before Christmas 
Starts: Wednsday, December 12.  EndsMonday, December 24. 
Hours: 11am- 8pm Daily.  Friday Dec 14 11am-9pm

WherePalmer Events Center- 900 Barton Springs Road, Austin, Tx 78704

Good to know:

Live music schedule found in this link here
I'm going to make sure i have someone watching over my booth while Ray Wylie Hubbard is on stage! 

Admission: $5

This year is the 37th time the Armadillo bazaar takes place! The artists and production team are like a big family, we are so excited about joining in this year with Latika. 
This link has the story and history of the show, in video :) 

More Armadillo info: Website Facebook Twitter 


These are the soaps we will bring with us to the shows:

If you just cant wait- Order online from!

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