Get ready for a Balm-y Spring!

All Natural Lip Balms

Here in Austin we have been enjoying an increasing number of warmer days.... and surviving the random cold snaps that are still lingering. 

With such fickle weather in the forecast all over the country, we know what is most affected is your skin- especially on your face, hands, and lips. You don't have to suffer while the seasons are changing though, arm yourself with our Lavender and Tea Tree with Honey All Natural Lip Balms

Perfected with just the right amounts of oils and butters, these little moisture nuggets are also free from pesky gunk like parabens and mineral oils. 

What makes these two a little extra special? Tea Tree and Lavendar oils add a little somethin' somethin' by acting as rescue sticks too! 

While applying to your kisser be sure to dab or swipe to any minor burns, cuts or irritations and enjoy sweet smelling relief! 

Get stocked up for yourself and all your loved ones and you might even enjoy these last few cold days with the knowledge that your lips will be moisturized, soothed, and ready for spring!
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