How real food inspired my soap-making

I was never good at baking or cooking, but i do love great deserts!
My passion for soap making has always been around, but my love for designed glycerin soap was ignited the minute i realized i can make it look like a cupcake! 

Today, with Pinterest around, i realize that a lot of the inspiration foods I'm pinning, are already in my soap line.. I wanted to compare and so i just ran through the photos in my inspiration board and my soap photos. I have so many more amazing deserts and foods to make out of soap! 

People do make the most amazing things in their kitchens, I'm still learning.. in the meantime i share my experiments in soap baking on Latika's Facebook page in the album "Live from our lab" and a lot of photos are taken with Instegram and uploaded there- you are welcome to join us!

Photo credits and links (a few of them would have recipes):

And this one is amazing, when i made the soap i had no idea there is such a cake in the world :)

My next post would be part 2 of the "cute as button party" post.

Enjoy the weekend!

♥ Mazzi
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