Two years

Today we are celebrating our Two year anniversary, we met 10 years ago, two 18 year old kids, we have the same friends around us as the night we met.

Flowers, i wanted them to look wild and natural like we just picked them
I absolutely loved the time we had planning our wedding, we wanted to keep it simple and work within our budget frame. So, being organized as i am, i made an Excel file with everything inside- from dress to little favors!

DIY seating tags and little favors, matches our invitation
LATIKA wasn't around at that  time, it was still called "Mazzi's soaps" we were thinking of names.

A moment alone, just before we became husband and wife
We got married in a very hot day on June 11, 2010. Our wedding was a Friday morning celebration and what i remember is having the time of my life with my husband, our family and our extraordinary friends! 

I bring my Lomo everywhere!
Everyone took pics and that way we had a little wedding album only a few days after the wedding took place- here it is: 

The song that inspired us: Seven days in sunny June,
That's how we wanted our party to feel like 

We danced and partied till it was almost 19:00. I actually remember all the love we felt from everyone, how every person who came to our wedding loved us and wished us the best- i think this is what its all about- celebrate the love you have for each other, with the people you appreciated and love!

surrounded by our favorite people, feeling the love! 
Being far away from our families and our close friends, I miss everyone, and i want to send my love and thank's for being with us on this journey- marriage, new business and, well, life :)

My best friend Ortal
Erez- the best friend and husband a girl could have! I love you baby. I'm so thankful to you every single day. I see and appritiate the efforts you make every moment of every day to make sure we are happy, safe and successful. Thank you! Here's to many more happy years with you my love!

We had 10 minutes of taking pics before we started the reception..
morning wedding!
Here are some more pics-  to enjoy, remember and inspire from :)

My mom did my make up
We love our little red car Shreder, took him with us to the wedding..
our decor was vintage orange crates i planted flowers in a few days before,
my friend Einav did the beautiful set up
The dress by Galia Lemel 
For my dress i wanted a vintage design. and it was important to stay on budget and be comfortable.
Galia Lemel was the first of the designers i met who started with the question "what do you love?"
My answer was- i would like the dress to feel vintage, i like raffles, lace and "plisse" (the stripes). one of those features would be great!
I had no idea she was going to pull out a dress that had all those elements, it looked great and was so comfortable! love at first sight! 




The flowers- Sisi caught them with one hand! That was after my dad caught them and then another guy.. It was so funny.. Well, needless to say- Sisi met the love of her life six months after, and was married a year after this moment. That makes me a believer, and you? :)



19:00 -  waiting for our rides home
It Was Great!
The Peleds
Dancing with my shoes off  made a bit of an impression on my feet :)
The details:
♥ Dress: Galia Lemel
♥  Hair: Dekel Saban
♥  Make up: Mom  - Zmira Assouline (08-8583104)
♥  Location: Haachuza -beit hanan האחוזה בבית חנן
♥  DJ: The wonderful Shahar Ariel she was Amazing!!!
♥  Photography: Eli Maayani & Galit Levinsky
♥  Mood and joyful dancing: Our friends and family
♥  Happily ever after: The one and only Erez peled 
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