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What i learned from selling at the Renegade craft show (Austin, Tx)

Hi guys,

we get asked a lot about booth set up and display, so i just copied my last email reply and posted it here. 
some of the things i know today could have saved me a lot of time, effort and money if i knew them before. 
this email referred specifically to renegade craft show and how to plan the set up- this is based on my own experience and my products- other products and brands may have completely different outlook on the matter. 
feel free to ask me anything (comments :) and share your tips. 

At renegade- i noticed that the sales depend a lot on the presentation and price point. there will be competition so i would definitely try to set myself apart by making a solid look to my booth and suggest different price points. i hear a lot of customers at renegade complaining about  everything being expensive, but i also see the vendors with the pricier items sell as well. we like to combine and offer items for average price of $20, with a good selection of little things.

2012 winter show, it was pretty but took too long and the set up did not promote sales. 
for the set up-  we learned a lot since going to rcf for the first time- our first show was a display disaster! we tried to set up a booth with wooden walls and it was definitely the wrong choice. by the time we were done setting up, it was already after the noon rush.  rcf gives you very little time to set up and i recommend making the most of what you have without spending too much money and energy on elaborate constructions. 

after the first show we experimented with setting up a simple booth. we just flew back from a visit to Israel, so we had no time to prepare anyway(which was a good thing) what we did was buy the cardboard walls from RCF, i drew on them with chalk and that was the backdrop. we set up tables facing the out side of the booth (instead of a booth people need to come in to) and just placed products on the tables. with white table cloth and accessorize. simple and effective. and that really worked for us. 

after that we were able to upgrade our table set up by building shelves and we just do the card board thing every time we go to renegade. 

we did have one show there where we set up the walls and didn't have time to decorate them, it looked kinda bad but the sales were still great. 

some things we learned about display and being on a show from looking at the best selling booths in every show we went to: 

the principal is to  "come ready to work" be sale oriented, be in the moment and pay attention to every person that visits your booth. we  talk a lot and that helps us stay alert and energized and happy- and being informative and happy helps sales :) 

high display is better- use bed raisers (from walmart) to make the table taller. we add shelves and accessorize to place the products higher and in eye level. 

grouping- similar items grouped together make a better impact and attract more interest. 

compliment the product by using a solid or quiet color behind it. we chose white and grey because we have many little items and very colorful soaps. i think solid is good with any  color. to make the product pop more then the whole background. 

a good chair will save you! we bought a wooden directors chair (pier1 imports), and also have a tall chair from walmart. 

for the busy season- we use a soft foam carpet to help our feet a little

make sure you bring snacks and plenty of water. we keep nuts and granola bars on hand, plus some breath fresheners like spray and mint gum. for after lunch :)


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