DIY "Cute as a button" Baby shower

Hi everyone! 
We've been receiving a lot of orders for our very sweet button soaps lately. A lot, if not all of them, are for baby showers.. 
This got me thinking about the "Cute as a button" baby shower theme. I found so many ideas online, you can see it all here and more on my Pinterest board called "cute as a button" which I made just for this post :)  Downloads page with all the posts printables

What do I need for a cute as a button baby shower?
  • Color scheme
  • Invitations
  • Decorations
  • Refreshments
  • Some games
  • Party favors
Color scheme
When I want to be inspired by color, I always find myself browsing through the design seeds blog. I wrote about it before here
These are a few of the color combinations I love, find yours and design the whole party with the colors of your choice. I recommend choosing 1-3 colors, to make it is easier to coordinate everything..

You can buy custom made invitations online, or you can make them yourself! 
Here are a few ideas for DIY cute as a button invitations:
  • Glue real button on the invite
  • Use a button stamp
  • Use a circle paper punch to make cute buttons
  • Make a very large button as an invite
You will find examples of these ideas on my "cute as a button" Pinterest board. 

I made some A5 printable files for you to use, download and edit with any software, from word to Photoshop. Enjoy! Pdf , Doc . Jpeg files on the downloads page

Wow! There are so many options with Button theme.. Choose from this list, and check out how it looks- I collected examples and photos from all around the web and pinned it to Pinterest

Make a banner - cut circles or attache real buttons to a bunting flag banner. Hang vertically or horizontally

Garland- Hang real buttons on a string to make a button garland.

Big buttons- Use embroidery hoops as button decorations, or Hang button pinwheels.

I made a printable file for a button banner, click here to download: Blue , Pink .
Jpeg files on our Downloads page
And that's not all! Besides banners and flags, there are more decorating ideas:

Button flowers- Make flowers using buttons and felt, or decorate real flowers with little buttons. Button flowers DIY from Better Homes

Button treeA jar full of buttons, a few dry branches and a Circle paper punch. Punch out large circles of paper, then punch 2-4 tiny holes to make a paper button. Place the buttons on the branches and stick the Branches in to the button jar. Here's the inspiration for this- Erin From the lovely blog Double the reinsteins

Button art- I love this because you can keep it to decorate the baby's room: Frame a large letter from the baby's name, and fill it up with buttons. Tutorial: How to make button art

Apothecary jars with vintage buttons or large chunky buttons inside, or our very own Latika soap buttons! Here are some beautiful jars filled with spools and candy:

Tune in for part 2 of this post, for the deserts, games and favors I found  all around..

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