Paris is always a good idea!

We are so excited to finally launch this soap set! We have been making French Macaron soaps since Latika started in Israel, around 3 years ago. Our Macaron soaps were always popular, and we love them! 

A few months ago, we decided to try and make a new macaron mold, we wanted a more realistic, 3d look for the cookie soap. So we started testing different macarons in Austin (work is so hard sometimes ;).

Research was so hard!
We found a lovely french bakery, right next to our factory, called Cinnamon's bakery, and there we met a sweet man, with smiling eyes and a lot of love for his little bakery shop. 

Chef Loïc Duchesne was busy making some of his famous little rose macarons, and i was mesmerized by the work and flavors! 

Real macarons are so adorable! They are a little crunchy, a little soft, and taste so good! the only thing is, the whole experience of eating a macaron goes by so fast! Man, they are small! 

For our soap, we wanted a larger cookie, that will look real, but at the same time, will be fun to hold and use as soap, and large enough to present and enjoy as decorative soap. 

So we asked the chef if he could make an extra large cookie for us, and he did! 

It took us a while to actually be able to make a mold out of a real cookie, since the material doesn't always respond well with real food . We had to develop our own unique technique and finally, after many tweaking and experiments, came up with a beautiful macaron soap!

You can buy a single soap on our shop, or get this super cute set of 3, with a label that says: "Paris is always a good idea". 

I believe that if all else fails, Paris is always a good idea! 
And in case you cant go to Paris right now- get these cute soaps, and feel like you're in the most romantic city in the world!

* Chef Loïc Duchesne past away surprisingly last month, leaving behind a loving family and many friends and customers. We still go to Cinnamon's bakery in Austin, to enjoy his wonderful recipes and legacy and support a wonderful local business. 
Cinnamon's bakery on Facebook  //  Website

You've been Naughty!

Here's a gift for naughty boys and girls- bag of coal!

We first started selling coal soap for Christmas a few years ago, and it was a huge hit! 

So we changed and upgraded the packaging from time to time, and now we are very happy to present our lump of coal soap set

Erez took a beautiful picture of it, and created a "fireplace" scene to match the fragrance (you guest it- firewood). 
The first set of coal soaps we made was packaged with a Kraft paper bag, tied with bakers twine. We added a custom message to the recipient. 

Lump of coal soap V1.1 By Latika soap 2010-2011
Last year, I finally had a chance to go ahead and package the soaps with stamped muslin bags, iv'e been wanting to package them this way for a while. 

So the coal soap got a cute stamped message and was individually packaged and placed in muslin bags. 

"Dear Santa i can explain" bag of coal soap by Latika 2012-2013
The post stamp says December 25, and we used a red ink for this. I loved this bag! 
But- it was time to upgrade it, as orders from shops started coming in, we wanted to give this set a more customized look and a few months ago we designed and ordered our very own stamp. 

This is what the coal soap set looks like today, and it has a label with the ingredients tied to it. 

Bag of coal for Christmas, coal soap set by Latika 2013-2014!
We are very happy with the result, and excited to see how it will find its way to all those stockings that belong to you naughty kids! 

We learned from our customers that they buy this for "white elephant" office parties, and also recommended this soap set for "secret Santa" and just for any of their friends. We are happy to spread the joy!


Christmas soap box

We can feel the holidays are approaching us quickly.. Shops are ordering our bag of coal soap set, our favorite bloggers are already working on their holiday gift guides, and we are finalizing our holiday event calender. But most of all- Pinterest is buzzing with winter decor ideas, i love it! 

Yep- it's time to work nights and loose sleep, to come up with new designs, beautiful packaging and take lots of pictures! 

We were looking for the best packaging and gift boxes for the holiday gift sets. I spent the last few months ordering samples of boxes and ribbons, trying to fit different sets in different boxes. 

I love playing with packaging and making gift boxes. My goal was to make receiving a gift set by Latika a fun experience; Untying a satin ribbon, opening a box, smelling all the soaps, enjoying the colors.. gifts are fun! 

The packages are already featured online and we are very excited about them! 

This is our Christmas soap box

This lovely green box includes six bars of natural soap, with holiday design (acorn or tree), scented with oat and honey.

We can always add a card from you to the recipient, just contact us with the message, and you got it! 

check out our gift sets, and let us know what you think!! 

Happy holidays!

Holiday event calender!

Yey! The holidays are coming! 
We've scheduled some pretty awesome events for this season, and you are invited to come over to our booth and say Hi!

Here are some of the nicest arts and craft shows in Austin for the holiday season, and we are so proud to be accepted and take part.


This one is pretty close, THE AUSTIN FLEA 
We had a chance to participate in the flea earlier this year, and it is a really nice fun show. 
With vintage shops, food trailers, and a fun venue ALL of in one place! It's really very Austin in a nutshell - casual, creative, and fun.

when: 10/26/2013   //  11am-5pm
where: Umami Mia   //  1500 Barton Springs Rd   //  Austin, TX 78704
Admission: FREE
What to expect: casual, creative, and fun show, lots of beautiful handmade goods, vintage, great drinks, music and LATIKA SOAP! 


November 2 - See us at the South congress crafts market, next to the snack bar; 
1224 South Congress ave. Austin, Tx

November 29 - The blue genie stars; 

Blue Genie Art Bazaar
This year we will be in the blue genie art bazaar, which is a pretty big deal, because it is so nice! It is basically like a huge pop up shop, set up just for the holiday, with 130 of Austin's best creative minds, showcasing their art, crafts and awesome gifts!
We have an 8' wall at the show, we wont be there all the time, but we can definitely come by if you want to meet us there! Give us a call :(512)7193302
A portion of proceeds going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Central & South Texas. It is a fun and free holiday shopping event that everyone can enjoy.

when: Nov. 29th-Dec. 24th, 2013 // 10am-10pm (closes 6pm Dec. 24th)
where: The Marchesa Hall & Theater  //  6226 Middle Fiskville Rd  //  Austin, TX 78752
Admission: FREE parking and admission
What to expect: Thousands of original works ranging from serious art to fun and kitschy items; Shopping at the bazaar is a great way to buy hassle-free holiday gifts and support local artists, and LATIKA SOAP! 

This will be the third time for us at the Renegade. We are always happy to be there and every time we are surprised by how beautiful the booths are and how many amazing new customers we meet.  Here is a little secret- I've heard about the renegade show way back when i lived in Israel, and wanted to go to one but never had a chance to. Being there with my own brand is so special to me, because that is really being in good company with amazing amazing artists! 

when: November 30 + December 1, 2013 
where: Palmer Events Center  //  900 Barton Springs Road  //  Austin, Texas 78704. 
Admission: FREE
What to expect: Hundreds of today’s brightest + best indie makers will join us with their handmade goods, and as always, we have a slew of extra fun planned for the weekend, and LATIKA SOAP! 


The week before Christmas eve- the amazing armadillo bazaar starts!
Last year the iconic armadillo was a two weeks long show, it was crazy and fun, and we made lots of friends and new customers. This year it is a little shorter, but still full of surprises! 
And that's not all- the armadillo is  a music festival as well, featuring some of Austin's most popular musical talents. Check out this incredible line up: Click here 

when: Dec. 17th - Dec. 24th   //  11am -11pm daily.
where: Palmer Events Center  //  900 Barton Springs Road  //  Austin, Texas 78704. 
Admission: $7 for a single day pass. Kids 12 and under free.
What to expect: Hot music, fine art and cold beer. The show is actually two events in one: an art fair and music festival with a vibrant community-driven vibe, and LATIKA SOAP! 

This show has an interesting story behind it, including a piece of Austin's musical history. 
Check out this video to learn more: Click here

We hope to see you at one or more of the shows, if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or email and leave your number if you want us to call you back. 

Besides all these great shows, we opened a small clearance shop in the factory. All the soaps designs we play with and eventually don't add to the line, some soaps that have small imperfections in packaging, color or shape- all those are offered with crazy discounted price! Most of them just need to be repackaged and there you have it- a perfect little gift! 

If you want to stock up on Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers and save some $$ while you do it, just give us a call and let us know you are coming to our shop. (512)7193302 

Stay tuned as we will keep adding more events to our show calender. We will keep you updated through our Facebook page and Newsletter

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Let the giving begin! 

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Latika soap

Bath toys - soap box

We have the cutest nieces and nephews in the world! And i'm not just saying that, they are the cutest kids ever :) 

One of them is Ella, and Ella use to hate taking baths when she was 3 years old. I remember her parents telling us what a struggle it is to get her to bathe. 
And why am i telling you all this? Because Lully did not know it, but she inspired us to create!
We gave her a big bag full of soaps, in all of her favorite shapes, like robots and puzzle pieces, cupcakes and buttons, and building blocks and red fish soaps, too. 

Ella had a big stock of soaps to play with, and what better place to play around with your bubblicious soaps then in the shower?!

Her parents told us that every day she could pick one soap to play with, and that having bath toys made taking a bath one of her favorite things to do. 

Because the soaps are being used, Ella can change from one soap toy to another and it is never boring and always fun!

We wanted to create a set of soap toys that will help parents and kids that don't like taking a bath, or just want to have a fun new toy to play with for kids who love water, and with the help of our sweet little Lully, we came up with a line of soap boxes. 

We made a set of soap toys for a princess and one for a prince

The princess toy box has 9 soaps: 2 kitty cats, 2 mini cupcakes, 2 buttons, building block, puzzle piece, red fish (Ella's favorite). 

Boys box has 7 soaps: Train engine, robot soap, building block, 2 buttons and a red fish

The soaps are placed in a beautiful take out box with a SOAP TOYS sticker and the ingredients on the back. 

We use a mild formula of natural glycerin soap, made of vegan friendly ingredients. The soap leathers up in snap, making fun creamy bubbles. This is a fun soap to use and play with, it leaves the skin feeling soft and gently fragrant. 

The soaps are scented with our popular and fresh Cucumber-melon and Ocean fragrance. 

This box is a great gift for kids! if you are looking for a birthday present, a little something for your nieces and nephews or just a bath treat for your  children- this is it!

Happy soaping! 

Unicorn poop soap

Real original and completely natural Unicorn poop soap  what do you think it should smell like?

Whats your flavor round 1

Hi everyone! 
We want to know what you think about our selection of bar fragrances. To help us improve the line and choose the most popular and loved bar scents, we launch a little flavor survey :)

Round 1 includes these fragrant bars:

Pink Macaron- The scent is a blend of cotton candy, musk and jasmine, Light and flirty with a touch of sweetness. this scent is as yummy as it gets, sweet but not overwhelming, delicate and classic and sweet- just like french macarons are. 

Agadir nights- Inspired by the magical spice market in Morocco, the Jemaa el fnaa. Filled with the aromatic scents of a romantic time past, Agadir nights is a blend of myrrh and orange with middle notes of ginger, cinnamon and cloves. It is rounded out with caraway seed and vanilla to give it a warm, tranquil feeling. 

Treasures from the sea- The fragrance is a complex, sophisticated, light ocean-type scent. It has top notes of bergamot and cyclamen; middle notes of lilac, jasmine and lily of the valley and rounds down to the mellow notes of cedarwood, sandalwood and musk.

Pumpkin pie- A favorite seasonal fragrance! The scent is a wonderful mix of buttery, flaky crust and sweet creamy pumpkin fabulously spiced with cinnamon, ginger and cloves.

Lavender & Sage- The scent is a unique balance of French lavender, Bergamot and herbal Clary sage with a slight hint of eucalyptus. Clean and refreshing.

Apple pie-  A delicious scent of warm, golden apple pies wafting through the house. A wonderful blend of apples, cinnamon, spices and crust.

Citrus & cilantro- The scent is a blend of lemon, cilantro, cut grass and green tea. A fresh and surprising fragrance! 

Old fashioned vanilla- The scent is This is a warm, creamy vanilla and an old-fashioned favorite.

Firewood- The scent is a blend of wood, raspberry and vanilla. It is a smokey sensual scent that man and woman love. 

Monkey soap- Banana and chocolate scented soap, little monkeys just love it!

Saffron & Honey- Honey and Saffron soap. Sweet and exotic honey fragrance. A fabulous blend of cardamom, clover, musk and honey rounded out with smooth, milky notes. It is unique and sophisticated. A warm sensual blend of complex and different aroma.

Please tell us what you like the most- you can comment here or on our Facebook page.

Thank you!


To see all of our bar soap selection Click here!

New package for our sea glass soap

We love the idea of having a little bit of the ocean in your home. Our own bathroom is filled with nautical items and designed with our favorite color scheme - blue, red and white. 

The pieces are hand cut into different shapes and sizes. Using this soap will only make it look more like real sea glass, so go ahead and enjoy it. 

Naturally, making a sea glass shaped soap was only a matter of time :)

Our sea glass soap turned out to be a popular item from day one. the soap pieces are hand cut to look like real glass and the colors are so beautiful.. Turquoise, greens and relaxing shades of blue, along with some clear glass and a touch of white.

The scent is one of our favorites- ocean breeze, it has top notes of Bergamot and Cyclamen, middle notes of Lilac, Jasmine and Lily of the Valley and rounds down to the mellow notes of Cedar wood, Sandalwood and Musk.

at first we packaged it in a clear bag and offered the item in bulks of 1 lb. After receiving a number or requests to sell the soap as a party favor, we decided to package the sea glass in a muslin bag weighing 4 oz. each. 

To decorate your home with this fragrant sea glass soap, just place some in a nice tray or fill up a large jar
The party favor option is still available online at, but as for the bulk size, we were looking for a better packaging. 

We tried different boxes and bags and eventually fell in love with the simple take out box option. 
If you love the sea shore, and want your home to feel like a beach cottage, this sea glass soap set is just for you
Adding a little sticker on the front, not to hide the soap, and combining the sea life collection with the sea glass, we now have a beautiful sea glass set.

This boxed set of sea glass soap includes 14 oz. of hand cut sea glass and 5 handcrafted sea creatures such as starfish, shells and a sea urchin.
It looks just like real sea glass and has a wonderful ocean breeze scent. 

The sea glass soap is hand cut and made of luxurious vegetable glycerin soap. It looks and smells amazing, and moisturizes the skin leaving it scented and soft.

Sea glass box                        |                    Sea glass party favors

sea glass soap by Latika

New Fancy

We decided to upgrade our Fancy mustache soap box, so we made a beautiful custom stamp with a bigger mustache and a bit more info. The content of the fancy box stays the same. 

Here is the new box, the official photos are to follow :)

Fancy mustache soap set includes three mustache soaps, each in a different color and scent.

+ Grey mustache:  Agadir nights scent- a blend of myrrh and orange with middle notes of ginger, cinnamon and cloves. It is then rounded out with caraway seed and vanilla to give it a warm, tranquil feeling. Spices and romance!
+ Black mustacheOld fashioned vanilla bean - The scent is This is a warm, creamy vanilla swirled with rich white chocolate and raw sugar cane.
+ Brown mustacheSmoked firewood - The scent is a blend of wood, raspberry and vanilla. It is a smokey sensual scent that man and woman love.

This is such a fun gift, people love taking pictures with the mustache and share with friends. 

And the most fun thing about this set is, that when people first see smell the soap, they don't realize that they are wearing it :) that's when you need to snap a shot of them with a fancy fragrant 'stache! 

♥ Mazzi

Hello! I love you

Want to help us grow? 
We would love it if you shared our Facebook Page with your friends! Just click share Latika
♥ Mazzi

Vacation announcement

Hello friends!
We will be on vacation, visiting family for a few days during next week.
All orders will be shipped immediately after we return, we will E-mail you with a reminder and specific dates for your order:)

Latika will be on vacation between: 23-27/07/13

Please call/E-mail us if you want to make an order before we leave. 

Mazzi & Erez

A Sami show this weekend in Austin

We will be at the Sami show today - with a lot of ice cream themed soaps!
A fun craft show event today and tomorrow at the Palmer event center in Austin! 

Latika will also be there, come say hi! here are more details and a coupon:
info (and coupon) :

See ya there

Latika soap on TV!!

We are so excited and honored to have our soaps featured on Laura's Likes on Fox 5 DC!!! 
Laura recommends Latika's products as the perfect gift for every occasion!  

Here is the clip:

Thank you Laura Evans, we couldn't be more proud!

Please notice that our soaps are now ALL VEGAN! We no longer use goat milk in them, unless requested specifically :)

Also- please feel free to contact us for custom orders- you can customize the soap's color and scents, the packaging and we always enjoy coming up with designs to match different occasions!

Just ask and we will do our best to match an exciting gift for your event, something full of humor and fun, that looks beautiful and smells great- and most of all- so much fun to use!


Love The Here and Now!

Owl soap

Its been more than a year since i got this idea, and today i just made it- a big, 3D owl, so cute! 
It is all soap, which means it is a very heavy piece of soap- at 1.6 lb.. i made it with our wonderful Ocean fragrance, and i decided to make it in white to resemble a vintage porcelain figure. 

It is so darn cute, that i decided to keep him for myself, if anyone wants an owl soap as well- i will make it especially for you, choose the colors and scents and admire your owl! 

He is making my office smell nice and keeping our green owl company. 

*green owl is a flea market clay owl i painted


Making button soaps

A little clip of our life at the Latika soap factory, sometimes we listen to Amelie (ok, if its up to me we would listen to this all day) and imagine we are in France.. 

First thursday - South congress- Austin

We had fun being out and about for the first time at first thursday Austin. This fun event is a celebration of craft and art, live music and great food. Only once a month- every first thursday of every month, just hop on over to south Congress ave, and walk between the booths and restaurants, listen to music and grab a drink! 

We started setting up at 4 pm, it was still a little hot but a cold drink and a shaded tent kept us cool :) 
We met a lot of nice people, everyone loved our soaps,  it was a lot of fun! 
First thursday usually ends after 9pm..

Here are some pics taken with instagram (Follow us!)

So, i think we will be at first thursday every month from now on.. Check out our event schedule for more details. 

Mazzi & Erez

Glitter magic

I'm finally taking a few minutes to make my office a little more sparkly :) 


Wishing you a wonderful week! 
Latika soap
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