Bath toys - soap box

We have the cutest nieces and nephews in the world! And i'm not just saying that, they are the cutest kids ever :) 

One of them is Ella, and Ella use to hate taking baths when she was 3 years old. I remember her parents telling us what a struggle it is to get her to bathe. 
And why am i telling you all this? Because Lully did not know it, but she inspired us to create!
We gave her a big bag full of soaps, in all of her favorite shapes, like robots and puzzle pieces, cupcakes and buttons, and building blocks and red fish soaps, too. 

Ella had a big stock of soaps to play with, and what better place to play around with your bubblicious soaps then in the shower?!

Her parents told us that every day she could pick one soap to play with, and that having bath toys made taking a bath one of her favorite things to do. 

Because the soaps are being used, Ella can change from one soap toy to another and it is never boring and always fun!

We wanted to create a set of soap toys that will help parents and kids that don't like taking a bath, or just want to have a fun new toy to play with for kids who love water, and with the help of our sweet little Lully, we came up with a line of soap boxes. 

We made a set of soap toys for a princess and one for a prince

The princess toy box has 9 soaps: 2 kitty cats, 2 mini cupcakes, 2 buttons, building block, puzzle piece, red fish (Ella's favorite). 

Boys box has 7 soaps: Train engine, robot soap, building block, 2 buttons and a red fish

The soaps are placed in a beautiful take out box with a SOAP TOYS sticker and the ingredients on the back. 

We use a mild formula of natural glycerin soap, made of vegan friendly ingredients. The soap leathers up in snap, making fun creamy bubbles. This is a fun soap to use and play with, it leaves the skin feeling soft and gently fragrant. 

The soaps are scented with our popular and fresh Cucumber-melon and Ocean fragrance. 

This box is a great gift for kids! if you are looking for a birthday present, a little something for your nieces and nephews or just a bath treat for your  children- this is it!

Happy soaping! 

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