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Thank you Renea! We love your blog and all the tips on your videos.. 
Check out Renea's website- its full of business tips and information. 
All  fun happy short videos :)

This weekend

Today is the official Macaron day! YEY!!  So, if you are in Austin, you can get a free macaron from the lovely La Patisserie! The bakery will be giving out one free macaron to each customer Today from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. For more information, click here.
La Patisserie602 W. Annie Street. Austin, Texas

Online Sale event
If you are not in Austin, you can still enjoy Macaron day with us! 
Our Macaron items are on sale today!!! 20% off Macaron items no need for a coupon- the prices are already marked down! Click the pic to get your macaron day treat:)

Fun things to do in Austin this weekend: 
The Austin Flea Weekend craft show.

We will be there with our Soaps,  Bath bombs, Body mists, Bath milk and Bath tea.. And some sweet gift boxes
Come on over and say Hi!

WHEN:  This Saturday: 03/23/2013 

Where: Rattle Inn

  • 610 Nueces Street
  • Austin, Texas 78701

New Baby Gifts

We have been offering the button soaps since we started Latika, it has always been one of our best selling designs! 

Now we just made it easier to give these sweet favors  at your baby shower- with a party favor package
"Ready to give" package of button soaps, wrapped and tied with a matching ribbon! 

Too cute if you ask me :) 
All you need to do is take them out of the box, and put them in a basket or bowl on the table. Done! 
Your guests will love this!

Available in any of our five signature colors & scent: Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple
Another new item is the New Baby Gifts - For your best friend who just had a baby, any Mom to be would like these gift sets.

The Blue set includes: 
1- Oatmeal, milk & Honey bar soap
1- Baby blue Train engine soap - Scented with a beautiful Ocean breeze fragrance
2- Blue baby booties, just look at them- aren't they adorable?!
The Pink set includes:
1- Peony & Rose soap
1- Neapolitan Ice pop soap - scented with chocolate, vanilla & strawberry, just like the Italian ice cream. Yum.
2- Pink strawberry baby booties

All these lovely soaps are placed in a kraft box with a clear lid, and tied with a matching ribbon. A perfect gift for a baby shower! 

We can  make these packages in any color you can think of, so - if you don't know if its a boy or a girl yet- shoot us an email and we will make you a yellow, green or mixed color package! 

The packages are only $19.99 each, Great baby gift under $20! 

DIY Rubber stamp

I love rubber stamps, they are absolutely fun.. I like the possibilities- you can easily customize any object with a simple stamp. 

Since we use hand stamped muslin bags to package some of our soaps, I have a great excuse to stamp around all day..

Like the buttons, The pine cones and acorns, Our camera soap has one of my favorite camera pouches..

At one point, I was on the hunt for a matching stamp for each of our designs, I found ready-made stamps for most of them, but still had a few that I just couldn't find a stamp for. It was either the size or design that I didn't like.. 
Or maybe I just wanted to try carving a stamp from scratch on my own.. (Yeah, I think that's it).

My first DIY rubber stamp 
We have these super cute Nautical Anchor soaps, and we make them in different combinations of white, red and blue. I decided to make an anchor stamp for their bag. 

What you need to carve your own stamp:
Carving rubber - There are different types and hardness levels, I started with the blue, softer one which was really easy to work with. You can find video tutorials online as well.
Speedball Speedy-Cut Easy BlocksSpeedball Lino Set No. 1
Carving Tool kit- I bought a simple one from Hobby lobby, it was perfect for my little experiment. If you really carve a lot, you might want a more sophisticated kit. speedball kit
Paper & pencil
X-acto knife

How to carve your own rubber stamp:
1- draw the design with a pencil on plain paper
2- transfer the design to the carving block- simply place it on the rubber with the drawing faced down, and draw over it with the pencil. 
3- start carving.


- Work carefully - the tools are sharp, so make sure the direction is from you - outwards. 

- Before you go ahead and carve out the rubber with the tools- go over the edges of the design with an Xacto knife, the carving part would be more precise after that. 

You can see on my first attempt- the stamp has a thin circle frame around it which I messed up. Learn from my mistake- Start with the blade before you get to digging out rubber :) 

- It is a matter of practice, the more you do it the easier it gets. 

I really enjoyed making a stamp from scratch, can't wait for a chance to make another one.
Have any ideas for a design to match our soaps? :)


Nautical anchor soaps - Wedding favors- sailor style colors

DIY painted pots

There are a lot of online tutorials for these,I think it's such an easy upgrade to your garden! 
I made some as a gift to my cousin a year ago, and came across the pics today. 

Here is what I did:

 Got some gray pots from Ikea, and one huge terra cotta pot from Low's.
 Got some small acrylic colors and some paint samples- Neon, Pastel and some gold/silver. 
♥ A can of gold spray paint, brush kit (very basic one from Hobby lobby) and masking tape.
♥ Small letter stencils from Low's.
♥ Also from Low's - plants, to complete the gift. 
♥ Cleared out my afternoon and had me some painting fun! 

When I was done painting and planting, I placed  the whole bundle of plants on my cousin's Poarch, she was really happy to see all the fresh happy colors.. 

So- I know my pics aren't exactly a tutorial, but I did collect the best Diy Planters and pots tutorials I could find! Here are a few, and you can also check out my Pinterest board for more great links! 

Link to the sources: From top left, clockwise- 

Add pics of your own creations to this board! Email me to be added as a pinner
♥ Mazzi

What's on sale now!

Clicking game determines that Agadir night bar is on sale! Also, our Lip Balms are on a march special..


Clicking game!

Hi everyone! We are announcing a clicking game today-  
You decide what BAR would be on sale! 

Click "like" on your favorite bars in our shop- and the bar with the most likes will be on 50% discount during this weekend! 
we will announce the winner on our Facebook page

Let the clicking begin! 

Here are the details:

- The game is on our website, not on our Etsy shop. here is the link: The bar section
- how to play: go to the bar section on our shop, each bar has a little "like" button above it, just click like on what you like.. 

The bar with the most likes would be on a crazy discount for the whole weekend! 

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