New Fancy

We decided to upgrade our Fancy mustache soap box, so we made a beautiful custom stamp with a bigger mustache and a bit more info. The content of the fancy box stays the same. 

Here is the new box, the official photos are to follow :)

Fancy mustache soap set includes three mustache soaps, each in a different color and scent.

+ Grey mustache:  Agadir nights scent- a blend of myrrh and orange with middle notes of ginger, cinnamon and cloves. It is then rounded out with caraway seed and vanilla to give it a warm, tranquil feeling. Spices and romance!
+ Black mustacheOld fashioned vanilla bean - The scent is This is a warm, creamy vanilla swirled with rich white chocolate and raw sugar cane.
+ Brown mustacheSmoked firewood - The scent is a blend of wood, raspberry and vanilla. It is a smokey sensual scent that man and woman love.

This is such a fun gift, people love taking pictures with the mustache and share with friends. 

And the most fun thing about this set is, that when people first see smell the soap, they don't realize that they are wearing it :) that's when you need to snap a shot of them with a fancy fragrant 'stache! 

♥ Mazzi

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♥ Mazzi

Vacation announcement

Hello friends!
We will be on vacation, visiting family for a few days during next week.
All orders will be shipped immediately after we return, we will E-mail you with a reminder and specific dates for your order:)

Latika will be on vacation between: 23-27/07/13

Please call/E-mail us if you want to make an order before we leave. 

Mazzi & Erez

A Sami show this weekend in Austin

We will be at the Sami show today - with a lot of ice cream themed soaps!
A fun craft show event today and tomorrow at the Palmer event center in Austin! 

Latika will also be there, come say hi! here are more details and a coupon:
info (and coupon) :

See ya there

Latika soap on TV!!

We are so excited and honored to have our soaps featured on Laura's Likes on Fox 5 DC!!! 
Laura recommends Latika's products as the perfect gift for every occasion!  

Here is the clip:

Thank you Laura Evans, we couldn't be more proud!

Please notice that our soaps are now ALL VEGAN! We no longer use goat milk in them, unless requested specifically :)

Also- please feel free to contact us for custom orders- you can customize the soap's color and scents, the packaging and we always enjoy coming up with designs to match different occasions!

Just ask and we will do our best to match an exciting gift for your event, something full of humor and fun, that looks beautiful and smells great- and most of all- so much fun to use!


Love The Here and Now!

Owl soap

Its been more than a year since i got this idea, and today i just made it- a big, 3D owl, so cute! 
It is all soap, which means it is a very heavy piece of soap- at 1.6 lb.. i made it with our wonderful Ocean fragrance, and i decided to make it in white to resemble a vintage porcelain figure. 

It is so darn cute, that i decided to keep him for myself, if anyone wants an owl soap as well- i will make it especially for you, choose the colors and scents and admire your owl! 

He is making my office smell nice and keeping our green owl company. 

*green owl is a flea market clay owl i painted


Making button soaps

A little clip of our life at the Latika soap factory, sometimes we listen to Amelie (ok, if its up to me we would listen to this all day) and imagine we are in France.. 

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