Garden Tea Party - My dreamy baby shower!

Hello everyone! 
Since Latika started, i have been involved in so many baby showers as the person providing the party favors.. It is a fascinating event for me since i have never actually attended a baby shower (yes! we don't have them in Israel!). 

So when my sweet sister in law offered to host a baby shower for my own little bundle of joy, i was thrilled! First of all- it is a great opportunity to have a fun afternoon with friends.. and i knew that if Jana is in charge- that means it will be a beautiful beautiful party! And indeed it was! An absolute dream! 

Jana totally knows me and she had the right idea of throwing a garden tea party, vintage style, and of course a green color theme would somehow be involved because i'm obsessed and can't stop with the mint green!

So- lets get to the fun part- some pics and details.. 

Starting with this amazing cake; Not only beautiful, romantic and vintage'y- it is really the best vanilla cake ever! Jana made this whole thing from scratch; The cake and frosting and decorated it to perfection.. YUMM!!

The dessert bar and food tables were just breath taking! Every little detail was attended to! Tiny flags on little desserts, small fruit pies (homemade!) in little cups, chocolate dipped waffle cones with fruit and frosting, perfect little sandwiches and delicious salads and dips.. delicious and beautiful!

The garden was transformed into a floral heaven.. Lavender, flowers and little birds.. what more can a girl want?! 

I was ordered to rest well, not do anything and basically- get pampered! But i did have one and only task, the party favors.. So i set up a bath tea bar for my lovely romantic vintage tea party.. Where every guest could choose any natural herb for her bath tea and fill a hand stamped muslin bag with flowers, herbs and dead sea salt. After this party i would like everyone to take a pampering detox bath and enjoy!

I also made soaps for everyone, with lovely cacti and floral packaging i made with graphic elements i found online. The bunting flags and tags matched the design with a brush of gold and glitter color.. It was really really fun to make and to give! See more pictures on my instagram account

I am still overwhelmed with excitement..everyone who came and everyone who contributed to this special celebration deserves a huge thank you! 

Especially my dear Jana who worked so hard, and with endless love and exquisite taste and talent brought everything i never even knew i wanted to life! 

We even had a chance to take some maternity pictures ;) 
This baby shower was all about mom, but i am so ready for life to become all about baby!! 

Production, design, catering: Jana Peled

Hair and styling: Jana Peled (Told you- Talent and love!!!)

Check out her website, and tune in for what she has planned for the future:

Photography: Erez Peled aka Dad to be!

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